Volume 24, Number 3: March 2023

Delicious! Delicioso! Délicieux! Läckert! Köstlich! 美味的! вкусно!

Easy, Flavorful Microwave Meatloaf

My next-door neighbor shared this recipe with me. I love it on a cold, wintry night along with a baked potato, broccoli, and mixed salad; it tastes great, is easy to make, and cooks really fast. The chili sauce gives it a sweetness you don't expect. My brother loves it! There’s enough for two adults and one sandwich the next day.  

—Mary V. Callaway
Lake Winnebago, Missouri, USA

Grandma’s Microwave Meatloaf
Serves 2 (and a bit more)



  1. Tear the slice of soft bread into small bits. Using a fork, mix the bread with all other ingredients except beef until well blended.
  2. Add the beef and mix thoroughly.  
  3. Put in a microwave-safe pan, patting it down lightly with a fork. Cover with chili sauce, spreading it well.  
  4. Cover and cook on high for 10 minutes. Remove and let stand for 8 to 10 minutes for easy slicing. 

Submit YOUR recipe! IAHPC invites members to share a favorite recipe and the story behind it: what makes it meaningful for you. Self-care is important, and eating well is a great foundation for it. These dishes are for caregivers and palliative care professionals to enjoy.

We want to publish recipes that reflect who you are and where you live, using low-cost, local ingredients and standard equipment. They should be easy and relatively quick to prepare. Please be sure to include a photo! It could be of the final dish or its preparation, a snapshot of you or a selfie with others, or even the market where you shop for ingredients.

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