Practical Aspects in Chronic Pain Treatment (in Spanish)

Practical Aspects in Chronic Pain Treatment (in Spanish)

Target audience

Generalists, physicians working in primary care level, and professionals who encounter patients with chronic severe pain.

Learning objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Define chronic pain, describe its prevalence and impact on the patient and the family 
  2. Recognize the clinical characteristics and underlying etiology of several common pain conditions and the peripheral and central mechanisms of chronic pain.
  3. Learn pharmacological and non-pharmacological strategies to treat chronic pain.
  4. Describe the risks and strategies to prevent non-medical use and misuse of opioids.


Dr. Roberto Wenk, MD
Anesthesiologist, Past chair of the IAHPC, director of Programa Argentino de Medicina Paliativa, Fundacion FEMEBA. Read his full bio.


Open to all individuals who understand and read Spanish and have internet access.

Module 1

Released in March, 2024 free access

Module 2

Released in March, 2024 free access

Aspectos prácticos en el tratamiento del dolor crónico


Generalistas, médicos que trabajan en el primer nivel de atención sanitaria y profesionales que tratan con pacientes con dolor crónico severo.

Objetivos de aprendizaje

Al finalizar este curso, los participantes serán capaces de:

  1. Definir el dolor crónico severo, describir su prevalencia, e impacto en el paciente y su familia.
  2. Conocer las causas, características clínicas y la etiología subyacente de varias afecciones dolorosas comunes y los mecanismos periféricos y centrales del dolor crónico.
  3. Aprender estrategias farmacológicas y no farmacológicas para tratar el dolor crónico.
  4. Describir los riesgos y las estrategias para prevenir el uso no médico y el uso indebido de opioides.


Dr. Roberto Wenk, MD
Anestesiólogo, ex presidente de la IAHPC, director del Programa Argentino de Medicina Paliativa, Fundación FEMEBA. Lea su biografía completa.


Abierto a todas las personas que entiendan y lean español que tengan acceso a internet.

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The information contained in this course is presented for the purpose of educating health care providers about certain aspects of pain and palliative care. The Information should not be relied upon as complete or accurate, nor should it be relied on to suggest a course of treatment for a particular individual. Patients with health care related questions or concerns are advised to contact a physician or other qualified health care provider.

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