Program Support

Program Support

This program is designed to provide financial, technical support and guidance to organizations and institutions in low and middle income countries which are implementing strategies to improve and advance hospice and palliative care for patients in need. These include strategies to improve access to adequate treatment and care.

This is an ongoing program and applications are accepted throughout the year.

Institutions from all countries are welcome. In order to apply institutions must meet the following criteria:

Preference will be given to applications which describe long term goals and lead to improvements in any or all the following areas: service provision, education, availability and access to medicines, and public policy.

The IAHPC is not accepting Program Support applications at this time.

If you have any questions about this or any other IAHPC program, please contact The IAHPC Team.

Recent Program Support projects funded by the IAHPC

Pallium India to support the salary of their advocacy officer, Shalini AJ. The focus of her work was to advocate for the implementation of the amended Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Amendment Act of 2014 throughout different states in India. Ms. Shalini, along with Dr. MR Rajagopal traveled extensively through India and participated in meetings with government officials to support the implementation of the NDPS Act.

To learn more about Pallium India visit their listing in the IAHPC directory

Atlantes Research Program at the Institute for Culture and Society, University of Navarra (Spain) to support the printing, launching, and dissemination of the APCA Atlas of Palliative Care in Africa and the Atlas of Palliative Care in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (WHO EMRO). The Atlases were published and disseminated widely during conferences and meetings in Europe and Africa. 

To learn more about Atlantes Research Program visit their listing in the IAHPC directory

Fundacion Ammar Ayudando (pediatric free-standing hospice charity in Guatemala) to build two additional rooms so that they could continue to care for patients and their families. The rooms were built and completed.

To learn more about Fundacion Ammar Ayudando visit their listing in the IAHPC directory

Department of Science and Society, Duke University (USA and Tanzania) to support a study conducted by Dr. Emily Esmaili to evaluate the multi-factorial barriers to providing quality end-of-life care for children hospitalized at Bugando Medical Center in Tanzania. The results of the study were published in Journal of Global Oncology, the title of the article is “Qualitative Analysis of Palliative Care for Pediatric Patients With Cancer at Bugando Medical Center: An Evaluation of Barriers to Providing End-of-Life Care in a Resource-Limited Setting.

To learn more about Department of Science and Society, Duke University visit their listing in the IAHPC directory

Galiee Palliative Care (the first inpatient unit for adult cancer patients in Greece) to build an in-patient unit consisting of five single rooms and two twin rooms totaling 9 beds to care for terminally ill patients. The unit was built and completed.

To learn more about Galilee Palliative Care Unit visit their listing in the IAHPC directory

Moonshine Movies (Australia) to support the filming and production of the biographical film titled Hippocratic: 18 Experiments in Gently Shaking the World featuring Dr MR Rajagopal. This film follows the remarkable journey of Dr. Rajagopal, a 2018 Nobel Peace Prize nominee and a global health thought leader tell his inspirational story in shaping palliative care in India. The film toured to an array of audiences throughout the world.

View the trailer of the film

Mehac Foundation (provides care to those suffering from mental illness who have life-threatening illnesses in India) to pay the salary of Dr. Geetha Vijay, a medical doctor and Meena Saja, a social worker for 1-year. The medical doctor and the social workers provided care to 451 new patients in the clinic and in-home visits.

To learn more about Mehac Foundation visit their listing in the IAHPC directory

Colombian Association for Palliative Care (Colombia) to support the salary of the Executive Director, Martha Franco for 1-year. The association developed a guide of palliative care for Colombia with representatives of the Health Ministry, met with the Advisory Commission of the National Fund of Narcotics, conducted 12 television programs, 8 radio interviews, and developed 6 national events.

To learn more about ASOCUPAC visit their listing in the IAHPC directory

Latin American Association for Palliative Care (Argentina) to support the salary of the Administrative Manager, Carolina Monti to develop a 5-year action plan. The completed action included strategies to strengthen their relationships with national associations in Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay; strategies for Facebook and Twitter social media campaigns; and a new designed their website.

To learn more about ALCP visit their listing in the IAHPC directory