Fellowship Program

IAHPC Fellowship Program

Purpose: to support the travel of individuals who are invited to spend time teaching palliative care in a host institution in a country classified as middle or low income by the World Bank.

The collaboration of the IAHPC Fellows with their colleagues in developing countries have resulted in improvements in policies, education, access to medicines, and service delivery.

Traveling Fellows are awarded to individuals for support to cover the cost of travel to teach and train colleagues in hospices, hospitals, clinics, palliative care units and community programs. The program requires the Traveling Fellow applicant and the Host institution to develop a plan of action and activities during the visit. The plan of action and activities must be developed prior to the Traveling Fellow applicant submitting the application.

This is an ongoing program, so there are no deadlines for applications unless stated. However, applications should be submitted to the IAHPC no later than 3 months in advance of the expected date of travel.

Both the Traveling Fellow applicant, and the Host organization (or a representative) must be current IAHPC members. To join the IAHPC, click here. It is the responsibility of the Traveling Fellow applicant to obtain and submit the required documentation for themselves and the Host institution.

The following documents must be submitted in the Traveling Fellows application to be considered for review by the IAHPC leadership.

For the Traveling Fellow applicant:

From the Host institution (to be submitted in the Traveling Fellows application listed below)

An official letter on the institution letterhead, signed and dated by a representative with the following:

To apply, click on the Traveling Fellows Application listed below. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

The IAHPC is not accepting Traveling Fellows applications at this time.

IAHPC Fellows Program Application

If you have any questions about this or any other IAHPC program, please contact The IAHPC Team.