Literature Search (2023-2024)

Compiled by Barry R. Ashpole, Board Member.

Keeping abreast of the literature on issues in end-of-life care can be a challenge under the best of circumstances. Periodically, the IAHPC will post a listing of recent articles and reports on key issues in hospice and palliative care. They will be grouped under ‘Access to Care,’ ‘Education & Training,’ ‘Essential Medicines,’ ‘Policy’ and ‘Research.’ 

The focus will be on articles, etc., for which the full text is readily available online. Occasionally, however, a  few articles, etc., of particular interest may be included, but for which access to the full text is available only with a subscription or for a one-time fee.

Also included may be links to a few postings of special interest on key websites that serve the hospice and palliative care communities-at-large, as well as selected news media reports.

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