Advocacy Program

To avoid any potential conflict of interest, neither the IAHPC as a whole nor the Advocacy Program in particular receive any funding from pharmaceutical companies. Our salaries are paid by private, philanthropic donations and membership dues. For our budget, please see the Annual Report.

Advocacy Course

The IAHPC advocacy course is a component of the IAHPC Academy, which includes educational projects leading to certificates in different fields. Advocacy for integration of palliative care into primary health care within the spectrum of universal coverage, and for improved access to essential palliative care medications is one of four thematic areas in the IAHPC Strategic Plan 2020-2024. The advocacy course consists of several modules, which are released monthly.

The goal of the IAHPC advocacy course is to continue building and strengthening partnerships to accelerate global, regional, and national advocacy for palliative care.


2022 Advocacy Initiatives

Protecting Public Protecting Public Health and Welfare through Balanced Opioid Governance

65th Commission on Narcotic Drugs

Global Palliative Care and Pain Research Hub

Open Ended Working Group 12

World Health Organization 150th Executive Board Meeting January 24-29

Advocacy Resources