2023 Advocacy Initiatives

IAHPC Intervention on Medicines Availability to 74th meeting of CICAD


IAHPC Submission to Office of High Commission for Human Rights analytical study on key challenges in ensuring access to medicines, vaccines and other health products


Statement and Call for Action from the Global Palliative Care Community Regarding Access to Controlled Medicines in Conflict Settings


74nd Regional Committee for the Western Pacific Region. World Health Organization, Philippines

Text of IAHPC oral statement Agenda Item 14: Health Workforce. Edmar Elcarte, Philippines

73rd Regional Committee for Europe Meeting World Health Organization October 24-26, Kazakhstan

Joint Statement IAHPC and World Federation for Neurology

IAHPC Video and written statement Agenda Item 4. Framework for action on the health and care workforce in the WHO European Region 2023–2030. Dott. Simone Cernesi, Italy.

Written statement

IAHPC Video and written statement Agenda Item 6. Health Emergency Preparedness, Response and Resilience in the WHO Europe Region, 2024-2029. Dr Irena Laska, Albania.

Written statement

IAHPC Video and written statement Agenda Item 7. Refugee and Migrant Health. Dott. Simone Cernesi, Italy

Written statement

IAHPC Written Statement Progress Report Agenda Item 10. Progress report: Reaffirming commitment to health systems strengthening for universal health coverage, better outcomes and reduced health inequalities.

Written statement

International Day of Peace Webinar September 21, 2023

Peace in SHS and at the End of Life

54th Session of Human Rights Council

IAHPC Submission on lack of palliative care as abuse and neglect of older persons

INCB Workshop Learning Programme

Improving availability of controlled essential medicines access: the crucial role of civil society. IAHPC Presentation

EAPC Congress 2023 Rotterdam

IAHPC Presentation Recommendations for Palliative Care in Prison

Palliative Care, Health for All, Agenda 2030" IAHPC Side Event



76th World Health Assembly

IAHPC one-minute individual statements on 8 WHA76 agenda items

IAHPC Submission to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Human Rights and Drug Policy: Internationally Controlled Essential Medicines

IAHPC oral statement to #INB4

February 27, 2023

Commission on Narcotic Drugs 66th Session

March 13-18, 2023 Vienna UN

Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing 13th Session

April 1-3 New York UN

Recording of IAHPC Side Event on the Palliative Care for Older Persons in Albania, the Philippines, the USA and Zambia

World Health Organization Executive Board Meeting 152nd Session

IAHPC individual statements on WHO EB Agenda Items

IAHPC inclusion in constituency statements WHO EB Agenda Items

Help Age International
World Medical Association

Advocacy Program