Advocacy course

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Module 6 - How to Write a Simple Policy Brief

Released in January, 2024 for members only

Module 5 - Ethics of Advocacy for Public Health Palliative Care

Released in April, 2022 for members only

Module 4 - Advocating for the Rights of Older Persons to Palliative Care

Released in March, 2022 free access

Module 3 - Advocacy For Access to Essential Medicines (Part Two)

Released in January, 2022 for members only

Module 2 - Access to Essential Medicines: Normative, Historical & Policy context (Part One)

Released in December, 2021 for members only

Module 1 - Palliative Care: The Institutional Landscape

Released in October, 2021 for members only

Introduction: Overview and Introduction to 2021-2022 Advocacy Course

Released in September, 2021 free access

Basic: Advocating for Palliative Care in the Multilateral System

Released in 2020 free access