Katherine Pettus

Senior Advocacy and Partnerships Director

Katherine Irene Pettus, PhD

As Senior Advocacy and Partnerships Director for the International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC), Katherine collaborates with civil society organizations and policymakers to achieve IAHPC’S vision of a world free from health-related suffering. She represents IAHPC at meetings of the United Nations organizations to ensure inclusion of language relating to palliative care (PC) and essential PC medicines in relevant technical documents, reports, resolutions, and political declarations, providing national palliative care organizations with information about these provisions of the global health framework. Katherine mentors IAHPC members to foster governmental and non-governmental partnerships in their own countries that support effective service delivery for people with palliative care needs.

In support of this work, Katherine developed an ongoing online advocacy course, speaks at conferences, writes a monthly newsletter column, and engages on IAHPC social media platforms, amplifying impact where change is happening. This information sharing provides health professionals and the public with information about how palliative care benefits patients, families, communities, and health systems.

Katherine holds a doctorate in Political Theory from Columbia University, a master’s degree in Health Law and Policy from the University of California San Diego, and an Arts/Law degree from Sydney University. She has an extensive list of publications, including two books, numerous chapters in multi-author collections, and journal articles. She trained in California as a hospice volunteer in 2010, joining the Leadership Development Initiative at the Institute for Palliative Medicine in 2011, and the IAHPC in 2014.

Katherine has three sons and three grandchildren. She lives in Chinchón, Spain.

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