January Newsletter

2022; Volume 24, Number 1, January

Our lead photo is a composite of IAHPC’s full board as of January 2023. Learn more about the 10 newest members, who joined this year, in the News section. The board comprises: (top row, L-R) Chair Lukas Radbruch, Roberto Wenk, Executive Director Liliana De Lima, Alejandra Palma, Barry Ashpole, Ebtesam Ahmed; (middle row) Felicia Knaul, Gulnara Kunirova, Hanan Saca-Hazboun, Hibah Osman, Kim Adzich, Maria Cigolini, Mary Callaway; (bottom row) Maya Jane Bates, Natalie Greaves, Stella Mwari Rithara, Veronica Dussel, Victoria Hewitt, and William Farr.

Table of Contents

Editorial committee

Alison Ramsey, Senior Editor

Alison Ramsey
Senior Editor

Katherine Pettus, Advisor

Katherine Pettus

Liliana de Lima, Advisor

Liliana de Lima

Danilo Fritzler, Advisor

Danilo Fritzler


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