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Volume 24, Number 1: January 2023

Under My Microscope

Dr. Tania Pastrana. Used with permission.

In this special contribution, IAHPC Research Advisor Dr. Tania Pastrana outlines Under My Microscope’s focus throughout 2023.

I wish you all a great new year and take this opportunity to remind our readers that research is one of the key areas of work under our IAHPC 2020-2024 Strategic Plan. This column was created to reflect IAHPC’s commitment to research that supports evidence-based decision making in palliative care, leading to a world free from health-related suffering.

So, in my column this year, instead of focusing on articles published in peer-reviewed journals, I will present updates and information from our research projects and research opportunities to engage with our members. Here is an overview of what lies ahead:

First, in early 2023, we will implement a members’ survey to identify IAHPC’s research priorities for the near future.

Second, we will work to implement the resulting top three priorities with the help and support of palliative care researchers globally.

Third, to help build research skills and capacity, we will continue to develop research curricula and online courses for our members.

Fourth, we will work on a new project to develop expanded essential packages in palliative care (based on the essential package in the Lancet Commission on Palliative Care and Pain Relief). This project will be implemented over 18 months with partner institutions in El Salvador, Colombia, and Mexico.

Lastly, we will implement the following two research projects, which are already underway.

  1. Opioid Price Watch: This is an ongoing project to monitor and report the dispensing price of opioids around the world. During this third phase of Opioid Price Watch, we will focus on the availability and accessibility of strong and weak opioids.
  2. Best Practices Manual on the Use of Essential Medicines for Palliative Care: Under the leadership of Deborah Dudgeon from Canada, we are developing this resource to improve palliative care provision and the rational use of medicines.

These two projects are included in the IAHPC agreement of work with the World Health Organization (WHO) as a nongovernment organization in official relations.

As you can see, we have a busy year ahead. We hope that you join us in these projects, so keep an eye open for upcoming announcements and invitations to participate!

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