2021; Volume 22, No 8, August

Global First Consult Database: Initial results

Participants in the Global Palliative Care Database, launched by the International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care, have access to detailed information about the first palliative care consultation.

Days between diagnosis
and initial consultation

Average: 1024.94 days
Median: 441 days
Maximum: 9676 days
Minimum: 9 days

As of press time, there were 44 users who registered 73 patients, 56 of whom reside in Greece, Iran, and Uganda. The average age of registered patients is 54 (the oldest is 90, the youngest is 18), and the group is lightly weighted toward females (53%).

The initial consultation was done most often by a doctor (35%), a nurse (28%), or a social worker (12%). While several patients were referred by a specialist (37%), many others sought palliative care themselves or found another route. The bulk of consults were done at the patient’s home (45%) or at hospital (as an outpatient, 32%; as an inpatient, 16%).

Most patients were found to be severely or very severely frail (56%), often seeking relief from pain (27%), fatigue (11%), gastrointestinal problems (11%), or psychological distress (10%).

The data goes further. One section describes the type of opioids prescribed before and during the consultation, how the opioids were administered, and average dosage. Another section details the type of therapeutic interventions—medications and equipment—prescribed and indicated.

The more people who register information about first palliative care consults, the more useful and revealing the data will be. IAHPC encourages all those involved in first consults to join the database, to further knowledge that helps us all.

For your interest

Two open access articles in the recent medical literature that relate to the first consult in the context of COVID-19 were brought to our attention by MediaWatch’s Barry Ashpole:

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Reader recommended

The ABC of Palliative Care, 2nd ed., edited by Marie Fallon and Geoffrey Hanks, is a simple, very clear account of the basics of palliative care. It’s a good, reader friendly guide for beginners.

—Dr. Udayangani Ramadasa
Specialist in General (Internal) Medicine, and
Head, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine
Sabaragamuwa University, Sri Lanka

Top 10 Pallipedia Searches Last Month

We thought that readers might be as interested as we are in seeing what the top 10 searches are each month in Pallipedia, IAHPC’s free online palliative care dictionary. Here are the top searches for July:

  1. Ethical principles
  2. Health care system
  3. Basic needs
  4. Vulnerable groups
  5. Percentile
  6. Evaluation
  7. Medical condition
  8. Place of residence
  9. Overflow diarrhea/Spurious diarrhea
  10. Urban population/Rural population

Pallipedia amassed a total of 33,100 page views in July. Searches for the term “ethical principles” soared in April 2020 and has remained high (or gone higher) ever since. Other top-ranking terms in July that have had long-term popularity are #2: Health care system, #3: Basic needs, and #9: Overflow or spurious diarrhea.

Each month, we publish items that may be of interest to our global readership. Contributions are welcomed.

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What’s New in the IAHPC Global Directory of Education Programs


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