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Regional Reference Center for Pediatric Palliative Care and Pain Therapy

Based on the experience gained in many years of activity at the Department of Pediatrics of Padua by the medical and nursing team directed by Dr. Franca Benini, the Veneto Region with DGRV n.4029 December 2003, has established the reference center for the whole region in the field of palliative care and child pain therapy The first Center in Italy assists, supervises and supports the network of local services (Pediatrician of free choice, District, area hospital ...), in taking care of the child with incurable disease and his family. The multi-professional team of the Center evaluates and assists the physical symptoms, psychological and social needs of the child at home, in hospice and in hospital settings in all phases of the disease. The Center also guarantees consultancy activities for the management of chronic pain, pain and stress during diagnostic-therapeutic procedures, through pharmacological, non-pharmacological methods and physical treatments.
Via Ospedale Civile, 59, 35121 Padova PD, Italy
Website/Social media page,3600
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Dr. Franca Benini, MD

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