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Hrudaya Palliative Care

Hrudaya Palliatve Care is rendering free home care service for the bedridden patients in and around the diocese of Irinjalakuda, the southern Part of the District of Thrissur and Northern Part of Ernakulam District. The medical team, consisting of doctor, nurses, social worker and volunteers, visit regularly the patients in their house give the necessary medications, dressing, catheterization, suction, nebulization and other palliative procedures and treatment and give palliative counselling to the patients and bystanders. The main objective of HRUDAYA Palliative Care is to give specialized medical and nursing care for people with life-limiting illnesses.
Thrissur Dt.
Irinjalakauda, Thrissur, India
Website/Social media page
[email protected]
Contact person
Fr. Thomas kannampilly, Director

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