2020; Volume 21, No 4, April
Dr. Duarte Soares

Introducing... the Portuguese Association for Palliative Care

What We Do & Why IAHPC
Is An Important Resource For Us

By Dr. Duarte Soares, President of APCP

Founded in Oporto in 1995, the Portuguese Association for Palliative Care (in Portuguese, Associação Portuguesa De Cuidados Paliativos, or APCP) represents palliative care professionals and others who are committed to the development of palliative care in Portugal. The APCPis currently celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Our partnerships are dynamic

The Portuguese Association is recognized not only as a strong palliative care advocate, but as a dynamic partner that provides information and guidance for the country’s government, clinics, researchers, academia, and NGOs in the implementation of palliative care.

For the last few years, the APCP has been committed to raising social awareness for palliative care, focusing on the creation of new community-based services and the empowerment of informal carers.

We investment heavily in education

APCP has been investing heavily in education. In the last two years, more than 5,000 participants have enrolled in more than 100 courses, and 50 scholarships have been created, representing an investment of over 60,000 euros. In 2019, the investment was exclusively dedicated to pediatric palliative care.

At the same time, the number of attendees at the ACPC National Congress for Palliative Care has been growing; more than 1,000 participants attended the last edition in 2018.

Question: Why is it important to you to be an IAHPC Lifetime Member?

Answer: The APCP is strongly committed to empowering its citizens to advocate for access to palliative care services. This vision is, unfortunately, a long way from becoming a reality, as less than 30% of people have access. We see the IAHPC as a global platform that provides motivational support by sharing information about palliative care activities in other countries, demonstrating good practices from around the world.

Question: What IAHPC resources does your association use the most, and why?

Answer: Publications of IAHPC, such as its regular newsletters and other documents, such as its latest position on euthanasia, are recognized as highly important by APCP.

Similarly, the APCP frequently uses the other resources and projects of the IAHPC, such as the Global Directories and Data Platforms, Pallipedia, Palliative Care Essentials, and Palliative Care Competencies in Undergraduate Education, and others.

The APCP sees the essential importance of the IAHPC in its commitment to serve individuals and families with palliative care needs around the globe. We remain keen to contribute to any new project that aspires to build this strong partnership and network.

Note: Learn more about the Portuguese Association for Palliative Care, an IAHPC member institution, in the IAHPC Global Directory of Palliative Care Institutions.

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