Dear Readers

Volume 23, Number 8: August 2022

Dear Readers,

Summers are usually slow for those in the northern hemisphere—but not for the IAHPC! We have been working very hard, both behind the scenes preparing for new projects and ideas while wrapping up others that we have launched. Keep an eye out for new announcements and opportunities to participate and collaborate to advance hospice and palliative care in your own countries and communities.

By mid-July, 271 people had signed up for the IAHPC Comprehensive Pain Assessment and Management Course taught by Lukas and Dr. Ebtesam (Sammi) Ahmed. Available at no cost to members, the course began in June and ended in July, but can be accessed by members at any time as each of the nine sessions has been recorded.

When IAHPC Board Member Mary Callaway learned that 31 people were interested but could not afford the membership fee that would give them access, she issued an appeal to other current and past board members. The response was amazing. Their generosity allowed IAHPC to give all 31 a special two-month membership, enabling them to attend the remaining modules and watch recordings of those they had missed. We are extremely grateful to all who responded to Mary’s invitation to donate (named in the Donors section of this issue) and to Mary for her amazing support and generosity.

Many people mistakenly believe that the IAHPC is financially well off. We aren’t! The truth is that our budget is very limited and took a big hit as palliative care funders have been exiting the field. We face serious financial challenges that threaten our ability to continue working for a world free of health-related suffering. IAHPC’s visible achievements, which give the impression of a large staff and well-funded operation, are produced by a small staff (2 full-time and 6 part-time) who put a lot of thought and time into the planning and execution of every new project and program. Their dedicated back-office work ensures that we deliver on our promises for new programs even as we maintain and update past projects. Your membership dues and donations cover IAHPC projects, programs, and advocacy at every level—including global organizations that impact health care.

Our people—officers, advisers, and collaborators, some of whom you may not know as they do not play public roles—are what make IAHPC so special. They allow us to initiate and implement projects and programs, offer free tools and resources, provide updated information, and maintain consistently high standards. So please consider becoming a supporter of the IAHPC, to help us continue our world-changing work.

Thank you in advance and until next month,

Lukas Radbruch, MD

Liliana De Lima, MHA
Executive Director

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