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End-of-Year Special: 20% discount on all IAHPC memberships

The 2021 International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care membership drive, on through December 31, is a key opportunity to join your global palliative care colleagues and access IAHPC benefits that help you advance palliative care.

The renewal will extend your membership for the duration that matches your payment, giving you access to these IAHPC resources, and more:

With the discount, a one-year membership starts as low as $16 for individuals living in low-income countries, and $240 for institutions in low-income countries. See the full range of regular membership prices here (don’t forget to apply the 20% off!). Check your country’s income status here.

Lack of funds was cited as the primary cause for non-renewal (see the story in Membership Matters). Want to sponsor a colleague? You can pay for another individual’s membership by selecting the option I am completing this form on behalf of the member and I wish to pay for his/her membership.”

Module 2 of IAHPC Advocacy Course Is Now Available

“Advocacy for Essential Palliative Care Medicines: Normative, Historical, and Policy Context” is now online and freely available to IAHPC members. This is the second module of a course being created by IAHPC Senior Advocacy Officer Dr. Katherine Pettus.

Module 2 consists of a 45-minute video lecture by Dr. Pettus, a list of resources with links, and a quiz for students who wish to receive a certificate at the end of the course. Students are encouraged to view the Introductory video and Module 1, if they have not done so already, as both contain background material to help them understand Module 2.

If you have forgotten your membership number, which is needed to access the course, contact Genevieve Napier. If you are not a member, the current 20% off makes it an excellent time to join!

Changing the World One Bedside At A Time

The best gifts to give are those that also change someone’s life for the better. Consider donating to the International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care in honor of a loved one this holiday season. What better way to celebrate?


We must reclaim a vision that considers the most vulnerable human beings as the moral and legal equals of those who have power over them.

“I argue that fundamental human equality refers to the fact that we share a common nature, which doesn’t depend on what we’re able to do, but the kind of creatures we are. We’re commonly human creatures, Homo sapiens... That’s what makes us equal... I think that ‘able-ism’ is at the heart of the movement away from fundamental human equality... It’s scary that so many of those that hold power over life and death in health care have able-ist views about what kind of lives are worth living and those that are not worth living.”

In an interview/webinar on YouTube with Charles Camosy, an associate professor of theology at Fordham University, about his book titled Losing Our Dignity: How Secularized Medicine is Undermining Fundamental Human Equality.

Reader recommended

“If you are looking for palliative care measurement tools in different languages, I recommend the Palliative Care Measurement Tool Library created and maintained by the Palliative Care Research Cooperative Group.

“It is a vibrant interdisciplinary research community committed to advancing rigorous palliative care science and improving care for people with serious illness. Enjoy!!”

—Dr. Vilma Tripodoro, palliative medicine physician, Cadiz, Buenos Aires


Deadline Dec. 31 for IAHPC Recognition Award Nominations

Nominations for this year’s IAHPC Recognition Awards must be received before December 31, 2021. There will be six awards for institutions and individuals, one pair of awards for each of three categories: high-income, middle-income, and low-income countries.

Winners in each category will receive US $1,000, a certificate, and a one-year IAHPC membership. Candidates do not have to be IAHPC members, but all must be nominated by an IAHPC member. More information and nomination forms are available here.

Thumbs Up For Social Media Help

IAHPC would like to optimize its social media profile. If you are a savvy user, please contact Genevieve Napier if you have the time to lend a hand—or thumb!

Book Reviewers Sought

Many thanks to those who responded to our call for book reviewers. We still seek reviewers for newly-published books on these topics:

If you are interested, but do not see your specialty, please contact us anyway. Other books will be coming our way!

Contact Newsletter Editor Alison Ramsey for more information, or to introduce yourself. Potential reviewers are asked to send their CV and a writing sample.

News from our members

Free Webinar Series on Children’s Palliative Care

The International Children’s Palliative Care Network has launched a series of monthly webinars on children’s palliative care that runs through August 2022. The next session—on respiratory care and fatigue—is on December 16, 2021.

As the timing may not suit everyone, recordings of all sessions will be available on ICPCN’s website here. Each session is a 90-minute webinar scheduled for the third Thursday of the month. The start time may vary, so check beforehand.

Upcoming topics in 2022 include:

To learn more about International Children’s Palliative Care Network, visit the IAHPC Global Directory of Palliative Care Institutions and Organizations.

CanSupport’s Milestone: 25 years of cancer care

On November 8, 2021, CanSupport achieved a momentous milestone: a quarter-century of caring for people with cancer.

Many events—and its new logo—commemorate this landmark year, including a walkathon, an external evaluation of CanSupport, and photos and testimonials throughout the coming year. More information is on its website.

“Events will focus on the journey of past 25 years—the beginning, building expertise and networks, making a palpable difference and acknowledging all who allowed us to care for them as well as all those who strengthened our hands to do our work efficiently and effectively,” organizers say. “Learning for these past 25 years, especially from the COVID-stricken months, we are also planning to hold events to share the more-than-ever need for palliative care and urging all to join the movement of shaping a bright future of palliative care in India.”

Read CanSupport’s founder and president Harmala Gupta’s article, “The need for palliative care in India has never been greater,” and view an excellent short film on CanSupport.

To learn more about CanSupport, visit the IAHPC Global Directory of Palliative Care Institutions and Organizations.

Documentary on Pediatric Palliative Care in Cameroon

Fulbert Kenfack Jiofack of Santo Domingo (second from left) in a scene from the documentary on palliative care in Cameroon.

Médecins du Monde Suisse—Cameroun, with partners Alternative Santé, Santo Domingo and the Réseau Francophone des Soins Palliatifs Pédiatriques, have produced a 15-minute documentary (mainly in French) now on YouTube.

In interviews with those involved with developing programs, volunteers, doctors, and other care providers, the video presents a current snapshot of pediatric palliative care in Cameroon.

It reinforces the need to mitigate physical pain, psychological suffering, and spiritual needs, thereby improving the quality of life for the many children requiring palliative care. Médécins du Monde Suisse has been involved in Cameroon since the country reached out for help in 2013. Fulbert Kenfack Jiofack, coordinator of Santo Domingo’s “Initiation to Palliative Care—Home follow-up of children with terminal illnesses in Yaoundé” program, notes that the organization has been advocating with the health minister for several years to integrate home care throughout the country.

Home care projects now underway involve medical care, especially pain relief, and volunteers who accompany medical personnel to check in with parents of children receiving palliative care.

Médecins du Monde Suisse-Cameroun, avec ses partenaires Alternative Santé, Santo Domingo et le Réseau Francophone des Soins Palliatifs Pédiatriques, a produit un documentaire de 15 minutes (principalement en français) maintenant sur YouTube.

Au travers d'interviews de personnes impliquées dans le développement de programmes, de volontaires, de médecins et d'autres prestataires de soins, la vidéo présente un aperçu actuel des soins palliatifs pédiatriques au Cameroun.

Elle renforce la nécessité d'atténuer la douleur physique, la souffrance psychologique et les besoins spirituels, améliorant ainsi la qualité de vie des nombreux enfants nécessitant des soins palliatifs. Médécins du Monde Suisse s'engage au Cameroun depuis que le pays lui a tendu la main en 2013. Fulbert Kenfack Jiofack, coordinateur du projet “Initiation aux Soins Palliatifs—Suivi A Domicile des enfants atteints des maladies terminales à Yaoundé,” note que son organisation, Santo Domingo, plaide depuis plusieurs années auprès du ministre de la santé pour intégrer les soins à domicile dans tout le pays.

Les projets de soins à domicile actuellement en cours comprennent des soins médicaux, en particulier le soulagement de la douleur, et des bénévoles qui accompagnent le personnel médical pour prendre des nouvelles des parents d'enfants recevant des soins palliatifs.


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Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship, Loma Linda University Health Education Consortium (LLUHEC), Loma Linda, California.

Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship, HonorHealth, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship, City of Hope National Medical Center, Duarte, California.

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Patient Planet


Wolfson Palliative Care Research Centre—Hull York Medical School

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