Message from the Chair and Executive Director

2021; Volume 22, No 11, November

Dear Readers:

Happy November! This is the month we kick off the annual IAHPC fundraising campaign, which is more vital this year than ever before. Many readers mistakenly believe that the IAHPC is financially well off. We aren’t! Dedication and teamwork produce IAHPC’s visible achievements, giving the impression of a large staff and well-funded operation. We maintain our independence and professional integrity by relying on charitable grants and donations that do not raise issues of conflict of interest. That’s why we need your support.

Our small staff (3 FTE and 6 PTE) puts a lot of thought and time into the planning and execution of any new project or program. Once launched, their behind-the-scenes support work focuses on ensuring that we deliver on our promises even as we maintain and update past projects. Most of the funds we raise cover this amazing back-office activity.

Our people—the team of officers, advisers, and collaborators, some of whom you may not know as they do not play public roles—are what make IAHPC so special. They allow us to initiate and implement projects and programs, freely offer tools and resources to the global palliative care community, and deliver benefits to our members.

Only a tiny minority (less than 1%) of visitors to the IAHPC website and subscribers to our newsletter supports our work financially. We invite all our readers to contribute whatever amount feels comfortable, and to join us if you or your institution is not already a member. All donations, no matter the amount, mean a lot to us. It means that you believe in, and share, our mission to serve as a global platform to inspire, inform, and empower individuals, governments, and organizations to increase access to—and optimize the practice of—palliative care. [Donate online, or via snail mail using a credit card or cheque.]

Here are two recent examples of how the IAHPC carries out its mission.

More information on the revised Recognition Awards, including a link to apply, is in the IAHPC News section; information on the new advocacy course is available on our Advocacy web page, the News section, and Katherine’s Policy and Advocacy column.

Please respond to our call for help. We truly thank each member, and every donor, for your invaluable support. Our power to press for palliative care comes directly from you.

Until next month,

Lukas Radbruch, MD

Liliana De Lima, MHA
Executive Director

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