Meet Some of Our Lifetime Members

2021; Volume 22, No 10, October
Dr. Victoria Hewitt

Palliative Care Found Me and I Knew I Had Come Home

Twenty years ago, I became a hospice intern and palliative care found me and I knew I had come home. From the beginning of my medical career in the British Army to my current role as Curriculum Director of the Palliative Care Masters program at Newcastle University, I always loved connecting with people, hearing their stories, and becoming part of their narrative. Now, my job as an educator is to find the learning within these stories and translate it into better patient care.

Working with clinicians from all over the world I know the importance of global citizenship as we face challenges from COVID, conflict, and climate change. The IAHPC gives me the opportunity to advocate for accessible, high-quality education for everyone caring for people at the end of their lives and to work with others to create compassionate learning communities, where we can share our expertise and create new stories together.

—Dr. Victoria Hewitt, Curriculum Director, MSc programs in Oncology and Palliative Care,
Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University, England

From the INPCS 2019 Summit. Front row, L-R: Kate Brizzi, Ambereen Mehta, Jessica Besbris, Claire Creutzfeldt, Janis Miyasaki, Neha Kramer, Claudia Chou. Second row: Benzi Kluger, Lauren Treat, Ornella Dubaz, Farrah Daly, Christina Vaughan, Maya Katz, unidentified, Jori Fleisher, Jess McFarlin, Usha Ramanathan. Third row: Cheryl Mwero, Ludo Vanopdenbosch, Cherisse Mbewo, Joel Phillips, Maisha Robinson, Georges Naasan, Maureen Callahan, Bob Holloway, Jessica Baker, Tobias Walbert, Laura Foster, Dave Hwang, Susanne Muehlschlegel.

Fledgling Neuropalliative Care Society Is Building Connections

The International Neuropalliative Care Society (INPCS) has attracted 100 members from 17 countries since establishing memberships in May 2021. Its focus is on building human connections in neurology, breaking silos between traditional medical walls, and keeping the person who is ill at the center. Its purpose is to foster the growth of this field by nurturing a unique, diverse, and global community.

An INPCS member can be anyone impacted by neurological illnesses, including but not limited to: persons living with the disease and their care, and loved ones; advocates; all health care providers, including interdisciplinary team members; and learners.

Activities to build community

Members have access to benefits including prerecorded webinars, resources for those living with neurologic illness, train-the-trainer opportunities, and a member directory.

We believe partnerships are central and a key strength for all organizations. INPCS joined IAHPC as a lifetime member because of our overlapping Visions and Missions to increase awareness of palliative care for all people across the globe.

—International Neuropalliative Care Society,
based in Minnesota, USA

To learn more about International Neuropalliative Care Society, visit the IAHPC Global Directory of Palliative Care Institutions and Organizations.

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