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2021; Volume 22, No 2, February

IAHPC Members: What is their country income level?

The past few newsletter issues have provided you with an introduction of sorts to your fellow IAHPC members. We have described the group as a whole statistically: by age; by region; by type of worker (physicians, nurses, spiritual care givers, students, etc.); as well as by their identified professional fields.

As a global organization that advocates for palliative care in the spectrum of health care systems throughout the world, it is important that countries of all income levels are represented in the IAHPC. This edition breaks down IAHPC membership by the income levels of members’ countries of residence.

This, like our other categories, is in constant flux. In the past 12 months, three of the four categories have increased, high-income countries (13.4%), upper-middle-income countries (2.3%) and lower-income countries (4.9%). The only category that representation had decreased is lower-income countries (32.2%). The vast majority of persons with palliative care needs are located in low-income countries and it is where the largest gaps in need vs access. At IAHPC, we have developed strategies to enable and facilitate persons in LIC to join, but clearly, this is not enough, and we need to do more. We will continue to work on this to ensure that this disparity is addressed effectively.

Members’ Impact

An article by 22 authors including Dr. Sushma Bhatnagar, a former IAHPC Board Member and an IAHPC Focal Point Member, has been published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. The article, which is open access, is titled, “The Palliative Care—Promoting Access and Improvement of the Cancer Experience (PC-PAICE) Project in India: A Multisite International Quality Improvement Collaborative.” The article shows a feasible model of international collaboration and capacity building in palliative care and cancer QI (quality improvement). It is one of the several networked and blended learning approaches with potential for rapid scaling of evidence-based practices.Dr. Bhatnagar is president of the Indian Association for Palliative Care and a professor of onco-anaesthesia and palliative medicine at the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi. She was one of the mentors from leading Indian academic palliative care and cancer centers who partnered with US and Australia academic institutions to develop an international program that focused on collaborative learning and quality improvement education.

If you have a recently published article that you wish to share with your IAHPC colleagues, please contact Genevieve Napier.

Members in This Month’s Newsletter

The IAHPC leadership would like to thank the many members who participated in stories and columns in this month’s newsletter.

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Members’ Impact

Links to IAHPC programs mentioned above: Global Consensus-Based Palliative Care Definition, COVID-19 Briefing Notes, and Opioid Price Watch.

List of Members

A list of individuals who joined, or renewed their membership with, IAHPC during the past month.

Membership renewals
Name Country
Patsy Yates Australia
Near North Palliative Care Network Canada
Stephen Claxton-Oldfield Canada
Zhi Zhou China
Amit Gupta India
Sweety Gupta India
Mamak Tahmesebi Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Carla Ida Ripamonti Italy
Ester Cege-Munyoro Kenya
Felix Mokandu Angasa Kenya
Rana Yamout Lebanon
Lee Ai Chong Malaysia
Monica Osio Mexico
Polskie Towarzystwo Medycyny Paliatywnej - PTMP (Polish Association on Palliative Medicine) Poland
Organisation Jeunesse pour le Developpement Communautaire(ORJEDEC) Togo
Esther Taaka Uganda
Ana Maria Restrepo United States
Ellen Csikai United States
Bilal Awad West Bank and Gaza
Mukelabai Mukelabai Zambia
New members
Name Country
Arjun Shinde India
Sreesudha Chepyala India
Cristina Bullo Italy
Maria Modig Sweden

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Contact Ms. Genevieve Napier

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