Institutional Award Category

Purpose and objective

This award recognizes institutions that have developed, implemented and provide palliative care to patients and their families.

The goal of the IAHPC Recognition Awards Program is to increase access and optimize the practice of palliative care in the world.

The objectives of this Program are to:

  1. recognize individuals and institutions dedicated to alleviating serious health related suffering of patients and their families in order to improve their quality of life, and
  2. bring these individuals and institutions to the attention of policy makers, other institutions, and relevant organizations.

Institutions providing palliative care located in high, in middle, and in low income countries are eligible to apply. These include palliative care units operating in hospitals, free standing services such as in-patient hospice facilities, and home care services among others.


Awards will consist of a US $1,000 prize for the institutional winner located in each income level, a certificate, and a free one-year IAHPC membership.

To find your country’s income category, visit the World Bank income website.

The winning palliative care service will be selected based on the information provided in the application. The committee will be evaluating the extent to which care is provided through an interdisciplinary team, there are treatment protocols in place and appropriate availability and accessibility to medications, appropriate infrastructure/resources to provide adequate care for patients and their families, development and implementation of a palliative care teaching activities and the institution’s team research activities and publications history.

Criteria to apply

Institutions wishing to apply need to meet the following criteria:

Exclusion criteria

Rules to apply

Download the sample of the nomination form. When you have the information ready, complete the online form.

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