Past winners

Recognition Awards Program

IAHPC Recognition Awards Program 2001 to 2024

Year Category Winner Country
2024 Institutional High Income The Catedra de Cures Palliatives and La Caixa Foundation Program Spain
2024 Institutional Middle Low Income Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute India
2024 Institution Low Income Ndimoyo Palliative Care Trust Malawi
2024 Individual High Income Heather Huizinga Cayman Islands
2024 Individual Middle Low Income Mostofa Kamal Chowdhury (Adil) Bangladesh
2024 Individual Middle Low Income Sushma Bhatnagar India
2023 Institutional Middle High Income Ryder Association Albania
2023 Institutional Middle Low Income Bangalore Hospice Trust India
2023 Institutional Low Income ORJEDEC Togo
2023 Individual Middle High Income Zemilson Bastos Brandao Brazil
2023 Individual Middle Low Income Mawuli Kotope Gyakobo Ghana
2023 Individual Middle Low Income Wah Wah Myint Zu Myanmar
2022 Institutional High Income Anam Cara House Colac New Zealand
2022 Institutional Middle Income Pallium India India
2022 Institutional Low Income Hospice Africa Uganda Uganda
2022 Individual High Income Billy Rosa, PhD USA
2022 Individual Middle Income Dr. Olaitan Soyannwo, MD Nigeria
2022 Individual Low Income Dr. Eddie Mwbesa, MD Uganda
2006 University American Association of Colleges of Nursing USA
2006 Institional 2* Pain and Palliative Care Unit, Children's Hospital at Westmead Australia
2006 Institutional 1* Palliative Care Program, Department of Health, Government of Catalonia Spain
2006 Individual Professor Robert Twycross UK
2005 University The Thomas PC Program, Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center USA
2005 Institutional Palliative Care Department, TATA Memorial Hospital India
2005 Individual Franco De Conno, MD Italy
2004 University Department of Palliative Care, University of Bristol UK
2004 Institutional Programa Argentino de Medicina Paliativa -Fundacion FEMEBA Argentina
2004 Individual David E. Joranson, MSW USA
2003 University Ludwig-Maximilians University Germany
2003 Institutional Programa de CP - Servicio Extyremeño de Salud Spain
2003 Individual Gustavo G. De Simone, MD Argentina
2002 Institutional Pain and Palliative Medical Unit "Salvador Zubirán" Mexico
2002 Individual Neil MacDonald, MD Canada
2001 Institutional Clinica Familia for Palliative Care Chile
2001 Individual Anne Merriman, MD UK

Note: The Recognition Award for Universities was started in 2005.

* In 2006, there was a tie in the institutional award category, and it was decided by the committee that both deserved an award.