Postgraduate students in palliative care programs (free)

Postgraduate students in palliative care programs (free)

Postgraduate students who are enrolled in a Masters’, Diploma, PhD, Residency, Fellowship or Graduate Certificate program focused on palliative care in an academic institution are eligible for a one-year free IAHPC membership. Postgraduate students in other specialties or fields do not qualify.

Postgraduate criteria:

  1. The institution’s program must be listed in the IAHPC Global Directory of Palliative Care Educational Programs, or
  2. The institution must be a current member of the IAHPC and be listed on the IAHPC members’ page.

Postgraduate process for obtaining the IAHPC membership:

  • Only a one-year membership is available. Memberships can be renewed annually at no cost as long as the postgraduate student status is maintained and the institution’s programs are listed on the IAHPC Global Directory of Palliative Care Educational Programs or the institution remains as an IAHPC member.
  • A copy of a valid, current institutional identification card is provided.
  • A certificate/letter from the school/university certifying that the applicant is a postgraduate student at the institution is provided. The certificate should be no older than 3 months.

If you are a postgraduate student who meets the criteria above and wish to join IAHPC, please complete the form below and submit to IAHPC. You will receive a confirmation after your application has been reviewed.

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Different age groups have different professional needs and perspectives. Understanding the age of our members helps the IAHPC to develop programs that best meet their needs.

Understanding the gender composition of our membership informs our programming and fundraising activities. It also helps us to develop and implement effective training and advocacy based on equitable distribution of resources.

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