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Our programs

Traveling Scholarships Program

The Traveling Scholarship program is designed to provide support to palliative care workers from Low and Middle Income countries who wish to attend a meeting, conference, seminar, internship, enroll in a university program or in any other educational activity.

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Traveling Fellowships Program

The Traveling Fellowship program provides financial assistance to individuals who are invited to teach in a developing country. Applicants must have received an invitation from a host institution and be willing to spend several days teaching palliative care to local faculty.

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Meetings, Seminars and Workshops

Through this program IAHPC develops and implements meetings, seminars, and workshops aimed at improving access to palliative and hospice care at the country level, in alliance and collaboration with national governments and palliative care organizations.

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Program Support

This program is designed to provide financial support to organizations and institutions to improve and advance hospice and palliative care projects, programs and core support for operations.

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