Volume 24, Number 4, April 2023 Supplement

Closing statement

The 2022 IAHPC Assisted Dying Practices and Euthanasia Survey of our members shows that respondents are nearly evenly divided: about half are against any form of assisted dying practice in any situation, and nearly half are in favor.

As an international organization, the IAHPC cannot interfere with legal processes related to this topic or any other at the national level. However, we think that legislation to legalize assisted dying practices is moving too quickly, given that the debate is ongoing and there is no consensus. This places many health care workers—including those in the palliative care field—in a potentially difficult situation: being forced to participate in a process for which they may have conscientious objections. A large portion (86%) of respondents believe that "representatives from the palliative care field" should be involved in the discussion.

Countries need to ensure that patients with serious health-related suffering have access to palliative care as the first line of care, and not just another option to be among others.

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