IAHPC core niche is advocacy

June 20, 2019

Did you know the IAHPC core niche is advocacy?

In preparation for the IAHPC Board Meeting held in May 2019, the IAHPC conducted five surveys.

We sent surveys to:

The results were used in the development of the IAHPC 2020 Strategic Plan.

One of the questions was designed to identify what is the IAHPC core niche in the palliative care environment.

The members, staff and the board members overwhelmingly identified that advocacy was our primary role in the palliative care environment.

Below is a chart with the results of that question.

To learn more about Dr. Katherine Pettus, IAHPC Advocacy Officer, and the IAHPC Advocacy Program please visit the IAHPC website.

With Appreciation,
The IAHPC Team