February 5

Remembering Dr. William (Bill) Farr, 1941-2024

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Dr. Bill Farr, who died on January 4, 2024, was one of the four founders of the IAHPC, along with Derek Doyle (Scotland), Roger Woodruff (Australia), and Josephine Magno (USA). In addition to his service as a board member, Bill Farr wrote and published IAHPC’s first newsletter in 1996 and remained its editor until 2014. In his final years, he acted as senior advisor to the editorial committee. The IAHPC Board honored him several years ago by making him the only Lifetime Member of the Board of Directors. He served with dedication and commitment. Godspeed Bill. Thank you for your service to the IAHPC.

Professor Lukas Radbruch

I am deeply grateful for having had Bill’s guidance and support when I was just starting in my role as executive director. We talked on the phone a lot—we used email sparingly during those days—to discuss the next issue, or how to conduct business, or just to chat about the farm, the cattle, and the dogs. He had amazing humor and a deep faith, which grew strongly over the years. I visited with Bill and Elsa at their ranch in Georgia and enjoyed afternoon drinks on the deck and delicious burgers and steaks from their own cattle. He had the audacity to call two calves that were born during my stay Liliana 1 and Liliana 2. I never asked what happened to them! Bill was kind, funny, and generous. Many thanks, Bill, for your service and for your gifts to the IAHPC. I will always remember you.

Liliana De Lima, MHA
IAHPC Executive Director

Taos, New Mexico, USA, was a special place for Dr. Farr, as is evident from this scene he painted.

I learned with great sadness about the death of Dr. Bill Farr, one of the founders of the IAHPC. He and the other three founding directors attracted many colleagues to the organization, including Liliana De Lima and myself. Their enthusiasm was contagious, and they articulated a vision for the organization that continues today. 

IAHPC focuses on the development of hospice and palliative care mainly in low-income settings, and has limited funding sources. Bill recognized this challenge and made an enormous effort to not only create the newsletter, but keep the publication going for 18 years despite having no funding to support it. 

I had the opportunity to meet Bill a number of times and to correspond with him regarding IAHPC activities. He always found innovative ways to resolve problems and reach consensus. His contribution to IAHPC and the field of hospice and palliative care was gigantic, and we will greatly miss him. Godspeed, Bill.

Eduardo Bruera, MD
IAHPC Chair, 2000-2004 

I did not have the pleasure of knowing Bill personally, but I did have the opportunity to work with him for eight years. Contact with him, and with other IAHPC members, allowed me to observe—and learn—some important characteristics of teamwork.

Good luck Bill, I would have loved to meet you in person and accept your invitations to have a cocktail at sunset with you and your wife.

Roberto Wenk, MD
IAHPC Chair, 2008-2014, and current Board Member

Bill, I am grateful that you founded IAHPC and supported us for so long. My work with IAHPC has defined my life for the past 12 years. We both loved Taos, so your spirit has left traces there too! Godspeed.

Katherine Pettus, PhD
IAHPC Senior Director of Partnerships & Advocacy

A collection of memories and tributes from those who knew Dr. Farr can be viewed on the Conner-Westbury Funeral Home website, which also contains a detailed description of his life, both professional and personal. Dr. Farr died on January 2, 2024.


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