July Newsletter

2021, Volume 22, No 7, July
How things change! This photo, from 2013, shows new graduates of Makerere University’s post-graduate diploma in palliative care (L-R) Godfrey Chilunda, Abidan Chansa, and Mwate Joseph Chaila. In this issue, Dr. Chansa and Dr. Chaila, IAHPC’s Advocacy Focal Points for Zambia, collaborated to bring you a Guest Advocacy Column on Zambia’s National Palliative Care Strategic Plan 2021-2026. Photo used with permission.

Table of Contents

Alison Ramsey, Senior Editor

Alison Ramsey
Senior Editor

Katherine Pettus, PhD, Advisor

Katherine Pettus
PhD, Advisor

Liliana de Lima, MHA, Executive Director

Liliana de Lima
MHA, Executive Director

Danilo Fritzler, Webmaster

Danilo Fritzler


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