2021; Volume 22, No 4, April


It’s not just the end of an era:
it’s the beginning of new one

In 2019, IAHPC took a long, hard look at its goals and plans to achieve them. That resulted in a new mission statement, new vision statement, and 2020-2024 Strategic Plan.

Vision: Towards a world free from health-related suffering.

Mission: We serve as a global platform to inspire, inform, influence, and empower individuals, governments, and organizations to increase access to and optimize the practice of palliative care.

2020-2024 Strategic Plan has a detailed roadmap and lists expected outcomes:

You can read all about future outcomes in upcoming editions of the newsletter!
The first words in this issue, and the last, are by Dr. Derek Doyle. He titled this memory “The Platform Ticket.”
Dr. Derek Doyle

As I toured the ward late one evening, an elderly spinster lady signalled to me. “You look so tired, Doctor, but I wanted to ask you something. I feel as though I am on a railway platform waiting for my train to come in. I feel SO lonely and a tiny bit afraid because it is all unknown to me—I've never died before!" and with this she laughed and squeezed my hand. “All I ask is that when I see my train coming in you will come and hold my hand until Jesus takes over from you, and I feel safe as I look back at you waving on the platform. Will you?" I promised to get a platform ticket in readiness.

Needless to say I asked everyone on the nursing team to be prepared for her calling for me, though that was hardly necessary because no-one died in the hospice without a doctor, nurse, or loved one sitting at the bedside, holding hands. We seldom spoke, but whenever I passed her bed—night or day—I got a wave until at last, one evening, she waved and nodded her head and whispered, "He's on the train, coming in." And with that I was kissed as she whispered, "Thank you. May God's love be with you until the end of time." And, you know, it has so often happened that Jesus seemed to be standing watching me, guiding me, and often having to forgive me.

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