IAHPC Membership Matters

2018; Volume 19, No 9, September

IAHPC Membership Matters

Reminder: Benefits for Your Institution’s Post-Grad Students

Post-graduate students who are enrolled in a palliative care program in an academic institution that is a current IAHPC Institutional Member are eligible for a one-year free IAHPC membership. The academic institution must be an IAHPC member and the educational program must be listed in the IAHPC global directory of educational programs.

The offer includes students enrolled in a palliative care Diploma, Master’s, or PhD program, as well as those taking specialist training, such as Interns, Residents, and Fellows in palliative care.

Post-graduates can sign up here.

New and Renewing Members' List

Read the list of individuals who joined/renewed their membership with IAHPC during the past month.

Membership renewals
Name Country
Irena Laska Albania
Vanesa Rocio Orellana Caro Bolivia ( Plurinational State of )
Frank Elsner Germany
Ornela Sainterant Haiti
Anjaneyulu Konda India
Julia Ambler South Africa
Eileen Du Pooy South Africa
Samuel Guma Uganda
New members
Name Country
Jade Robinson Australia
Juan Carlos Mafla Colombia
Sudeshna Maity India
Ahmed Saadoon Iraq
Laila Al Daken Jordan
Lola Asanalieva Association of Palliative and Hospice Care in Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Republic
Jonathon Judkins United States
Bethany-Rose Daubman United States

See the full list of IAHPC members

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