IAHPC Members’ Awards

2016; Volume 17, No 7, July

IAHPC Members’ Awards

IAHPC Lifetime Members’ Day Award 2016 – Dr. Javier Rocafort

Our Lifetime members play a vital part in advancing the mission of the IAHPC. To formally acknowledge their support, we developed a Members’ Recognition Program to build awareness and understanding of just how much we value their support and lifetime commitment. Dr. Javier Rocafort is winner of the 2016 prize for his Lifetime membership with IAHPC.

Dr. Javier Rocafort with a patient

Javier is a family physician (there is no official accreditation for palliative care specialists in Spain), living in Madrid and Pamplona. He works at Laguna Hospice Hospital in Madrid (Vianorte Laguna Foundation), an institution dedicated exclusively to end-of-life care where there are two palliative care inpatient units (43 beds in total), two small residential units (35 beds in total), a day hospice, a home care team, a pediatric palliative day care unit, and a department of research and training. Javier is the medical director of the hospital, but allocates enough time every day to see patients. More than 100 persons are working in Laguna, including 15 physicians, nearly 20 nurses and 20 nursing assistants, three psychologists, three social workers, two chaplains, three physiotherapists, two occupational therapists, and many others. More than 100 volunteers provide support on the different wards. Javier was President of the Spanish Palliative Care Association (SECPAL) from 2008 to 2012 and is now Scientific Coordinator of Palliative Care Strategy in the Ministry of Health.

Javier enjoys teaching; as medical coordinator of palliative care in the Francisco de Vitoria University, in Madrid, he taught medical students until 2011. He collaborates with other universities on Master’s degrees and is interested in research. Previously, he participated in the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) Task Force on the Development of Palliative Care in Europe and is a co-author of the EAPC Atlas of Palliative Care in Europe and the Atlas of Palliative Care in Latin America. Now he is working on the development of palliative care in Spain and a history of palliative care in Spain. Javier enjoys listening to all kinds of music, walking in the countryside, and travelling by train around Europe with his wife Ana.

Javier has been a member of the IAHPC for 13 years having joined after IAHPC gave an award to the Palliative Care Regional Program in Extremadura. He very much appreciates the IAHPC and uses the website to keep up to date with the different projects. He collaborates with the IAHPC and ALCP (Latin American Association for Palliative Care) travel programs welcoming professionals from Latin America to the Laguna Hospice Hospital and previously in Extremadura.

Dr. Javier Rocafort received an iWatch as a prize for his Lifetime membership. For additional information on how to join IAHPC as a Lifetime member or regular member, check our website.

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