2012; Volume 13, No 9, September


Nairobi Hospice bursaries for diploma course.

Dear All,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Nairobi Hospice, the grantees and on my own behalf, I sincerely wish to thank the IAHPC for the bursaries given through the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund – IAHPC Bursary Program, to the students who commenced the Diploma in Education in Palliative Care course at Nairobi Hospice.

The first Block occurred from 23rd July to 28th July 2012. Twenty-eight of the expected 30 students attended. One from Gambia and another from Sierra Leone were unable to attend at the last minute but expressed the desire to join the next class. We are pleased with the turn out. Of the 28 students, three were from Zambia, three from Malawi, one from Gambia and the rest were from Kenya. The course is multi-professional: 3 doctors, 2 social workers, one clinical officer and 22 nurses. Students were very enthusiastic and pleased with Block 1 and we trust they will enjoy the remainder of the course.

Thank you very much for enabling the students to attend this course. There are still many health care professionals who are interested but cannot afford to pay their own way. Your support is very much appreciated.

With renewed gratitude and very best wishes,

Dr. Brigid Sirengo OGW, HonDUniv
Chief Executive Officer
Nairobi Hospice

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