IAHPC Opioid Essential Prescription Package

Strategic Pain Management: The Identification and Development of the IAHPC Opioid Essential Prescription Package

In 2010 the IAHPC formed a working committee to determine by consensus the components of an opioid essential prescription package to be used when initiating a prescription for the control of moderate to severe chronic pain.

The Committee developed a study which included a Delphi process among 60 palliative care physicians - from 38 different countries - from the IAHPC members list.

Using the results the Opioid Essential Prescription Package (OEPP) was developed with the appropriate dosage and route of administration for each medication.

We are sure that this article and the OEPP will become a great tool to ensure better quality of care for patients in pain.

The article can be downloaded for free from the following URL: http://www.liebertonline.com/doi/pdfplus/10.1089/jpm.2011.0296


The project was supported and co-funded by the International Association of Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC) and Fundacion FEMEBA in Argentina.

The names and countries of the palliative care physicians who participated in both rounds of the Delphi are listed below. The resulting OEPP is based on their responses - the IAHPC and the authors are grateful for their contribution to this project:

Argentina: Maria de los Angeles Minatel, Vilma Tripodoro
Australia: David Currow, Odette Spruyt
Bahamas: Margo Munroe
Bangladesh: Rumana Dowla
Brazil: Leonardo Consolim
Canada: Paul Daeninck
Chile: Maria Alejandra Palma
China: Jinxiang Li
Colombia: Marta Ximena Leon
Ecuador: Nancy Lino
Egypt: Samy Al-sirafy
El Salvador: Carlos E. Rivas
Germany: Lukas Radbruch
Guatemala: Eva Rossina Duarte
India: Mary Ann Muckaden, Shoba Nair, Gayatri Palat
Iran: Mamak Tahmasebi
Jamaica: Dingle Spence
Kenya: Zipporah Ali
Malawi: Maya Jane Bates
Malaysia: Ednin Hamzah
Nigeria: Folaju Olusegun Oeyobola
Pakistan: Haroon Hafeez
Panama: Rosa Buitrago
Philippines: Mary Jocylyn Bautista
Poland: Aleksandra Kotlinska-Lemieszek
Russia: Elena Sokolova and Elena Vvedenskaya
Saudi Arabia: Mohammad Al-shahri
Serbia: Snezana Bosnjak
Slovenia: Mateja Lopuh
South Africa: Janet Stanford
South Korea: Doris Man-wah Tse
Switzerland: Florian Strasser
Tanzania: Kristopher Hartwig
Uganda: Mhoira Leng
UK: Thomas Middlemiss, Scott Murray, Robert Twycross
Uruguay: Roberto Levin USA: Ahmed Elsayem, James Cleary, Eric Krakauer, Holly Yang
Venezuela: Patricia Bonilla
Vietnam: Khanh Quach

Strategic Pain Management: The Identification and Development of the IAHPC Opioid Essential Prescription Package.

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