IAHPC - WPCA Palliative Care and Pain Treatment as Human Rights 

IAHPC - WPCA Palliative Care and Pain Treatment as Human Rights

There have been several requests and publications calling for palliative care and pain treatment to be recognized as human rights but not an international Declaration joining palliative care, pain, cancer, AIDS and other related organizations for this same purpose. The IAHPC and the Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance (WPCA) joined efforts and worked together to develop a Joint Declaration and Statement of Commitment which unites all organizations working in this field.

This section contains the Declaration, a signature page, a section with background documents and a section with useful links.

This advocacy tool may be used by civil society/Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) and professional organizations/associations when approaching various levels of organizations and governments to support the advancement of palliative care and pain treatment around the globe.

We hope you find these documents and invite you and/or your organization to join all those who have accepted this invitation.

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Documents on Human Rights and Access to Medicines and Care

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