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Traveling Scholars Program Report

Vilma Tripodoro, DR

Travel date: October 6, 2021

Name of Meeting/Event/Activity: 17th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care

Origin: Buenos Aires, Argentina / Destination: Vilvoorde, Belgium

How was this meeting/activity helpful to you?

Thanks to a Traveling Scholarship I received from IAHPC, I participated in the 17th EAPC World Virtual Congress.

I lack the words to describe the fantastic experience I had. The knowledge I gained from sharing with my colleagues from different countries and learning from the European research expertise was beneficial for my team and me. After the Congress, we shared some issues of interest.
It was challenging because of the virtual platform. However, it was a perfect setting to explore my own skills and think about pursuing my future research development in Argentina.
On the other hand, as I felt more relaxed at home, I explored more posters and oral presentations than I used to study in the previous Congress.
Some of the main activities I appreciated most were:
1. Advance Care Planning & CPR: When to initiate advance care planning conversations in patients with advanced cancer? Results of the ACTION trial Judith Rietjens, The Netherlands
2. Best Abstract: B–01 The SILENCE (ScopolamIne butyLbromide givEN prophylactiCally for dEath rattle) study: a double-blind randomized, placebo-controlled multicenter trial. Jet van Esch, The Netherlands
3. COVID-19: R-03 Barriers and Facilitators to Specialized Palliative Care Integration for Patients with COVID-19 Kirsten Wentlandt, Canada R-06 Care for dying patients under the Covid-19 pandemic in Norway: a survey of bereaved relatives Dagny Haugen, Norway
4. FC 06 (J) Compassionate Communities and Civic responsibilities. Creating palliative care capacity across society: evaluating compassionate city programs Joachim Cohen, Belgium
5. Clinical Impact: Reflections on a career in palliative care Harvey Chochinov, Canada
6. PS 16 (B) Opioids for chronic breathlessness - practical evidence-based prescribing
7. K-01 Palliative care, COVID-19 and Universal Health Coverage: Results of a Global Survey Stephen Connor, United Kingdom
8. Challenges in the practice of palliative sedation outside specialist palliative care: data from an international questionnaire survey and in-depth interviews in the Netherlands Agnes van der Heide, The Netherlands
9. Challenges and opportunities in palliative care research, Irene Higginson, United Kingdom

How will you new knowledge & acquired skills help in furthering your work in hospice and palliative care in your program/city/ or country?

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the IAHPC for providing me with the opportunity to take part in the Congress. The contacts I created at the Congress will allow me to network and collaborate with experienced partners for future research projects. The collaborations will advance the objectives of public health palliative care in my country.

For the last 3 years, I have been chairing a research network in Argentina (Red-InPal). This experience promotes more collaborative initiatives and links us to the rest of the world. It is amazing.

How IAHPC Traveling Scholars Program be improved in order to help other future traveling scholars?

Once again, I think the scholarship was outstanding, and it covered all the needs for this particular activity.

Narrative summary highlighting the needs and challanges you face

I have shared my poster presentation with other colleges around the world by my tweeter account @vilmatripodoro