Grantee details

Traveling Scholars Program Report

Hana Rizmadawi Agustina, RN

Travel date: July 27, 2017

Name of Meeting/Event/Activity: Asia Pacific Hospice Conference 2017

Origin: Bandung, Indonesia / Destination: Suntec City, Singapore

How was this meeting/activity helpful to you?

First of all, I would like to thank to the IAHPC for providing a travelling grant for delegates to attend this great conference. I was enjoying all the dedicated programmes during the conference. I found this conference has given me many benefits in terms of developing a professional networking, enriching knowledge about the latest update in palliative care worldwide and helping me to shape a future direction of my research agenda. I also have a chance to talk to palliative care experts in the worlds and shares my knowledge and ideas especially dealing with my current research project. 

How will you new knowledge & acquired skills help in furthering your work in hospice and palliative care in your program/city/ or country?

I gained new knowledge and new ideas to develop palliative care education in my country. Through this conference, I can identify and follow some palliative care scholars’ project who are currently developing palliative care education especially in the resource-limited countries. This event gave me a good opportunity to look back again into my current research programme and improve some parts prior to the next phase of study.  I am also planning to make a further correspondence with several targeted delegates who have similar interests in developing palliative care education in their own countries. Perhaps, this effort will help me to identify what is the best strategy for developing a curriculum for undergraduate nursing students in caring for the dying, dead and bereaved. 

How IAHPC Traveling Scholars Program be improved in order to help other future traveling scholars?

The travelling grant provided by the IAHPC is very beneficial for those who willing to improve their capacity to contribute in the development of palliative care worldwide. Thus, I strongly recommend for other scholar to apply for this scholarship. I suggest that the IAHPC can disseminate the provision of scholarships using various media such as Facebook and Twitter so that more people will get more interested to apply this scholarship. I also recommend the IAHPC to expand the link to overseas organisations especially health professional education providers to introduce about the roles and functions of the IAHPC in the development of hospice and palliative care worldwide.  Personally, I would suggest my colleagues to register themselves as the member of IAHPC so that they may obtain more benefits for their future arrangement.