IAHPC Photo Contest

Enter the International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC) photo contest and be eligible to win prizes! In addition to giving money away, we also wish to see palliative and hospice care through your eyes!

Visual storytelling is the heart of the IAHPC Newsletter. Photos showcase our members’ practices and experiences around the world, inspiring and informing the global IAHPC community.

The IAHPC Photo Contest is yet another opportunity for this community to come together virtually, when we cannot be together in person, by sharing photos that may be published in the IAHPC Newsletter and on the website. Your photo also gives you and your organization global visibility.

Images should depict clinical practice, teaching, caregiving, daily life, or other settings that support one of the four IAHPC thematic areas of work:

For example, photos may show patients, clinicians, volunteers, caregivers, pharmacists, students in the classroom or online sessions, government representatives, or community members. Your imagination is the limit.


The IAHPC will provide the following prizes:


Contest Rules


Submit your photos using our media release form and, if children can be identified, the form for minors. Begin with the words "Photo Contest,” and be sure to include descriptions of the images.

A group of IAHPC staff and board members will judge the submitted photos, which will be anonymized so that images will be judged solely on merit.

The deadline to submit your photos is October 31, 2023. The winners will be announced at the end of November.

Photos may be included in the IAHPC Newsletter regardless if they are selected for a prize. Appropriate credit will be given to the photographer. The IAHPC may contact the applicants for the backstory of their photo being shared in the newsletter.

We look forward to seeing the palliative care world through your eyes!