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Kitovu Mobile

HIV/AIDS Home Care, Orphan's & Counselling Program. Kitovu Mobile is a Faith-Based Medical and Community Empowerment Organization under the Diocese of Masaka. The organization was started in 1987 as an outreach Program of Kitovu Hospital.
We provide services to improve the lives of those affected by HIV, Cancer and poverty. The purpose of Kitovu Mobile is to lead the provision of innovative, mobile health services and empower marginalized communities affected by HIV/TB, Cancer and other emerging life threatening chronic illnesses. Kitovu Mobile is widely known for pioneering Home Based Care model in the earliest stages of HIV and AIDS by visiting patients within the confines of their homes, to provide care services in rural remote Lake Victoria areas of Uganda.
Plot 4 & 10 Delhi Road, Soweto, Masaka, Uganda
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Yiga Robert, Chief Executive Officer

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