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Tsuboi Cancer Center Hospital - Hospice and Palliative Medicine

Inpatient Service (Dedicated beds for palliative care), Outpatient Clinic, Palliative Care Consultancy and Home Care Service.
Since 1990, our hospital has opened the first palliative care (hospice) ward in Fukushima prefecture and has been treating it.
As the illness progresses, some people develop various physical symptoms such as pain and malaise. In palliative medicine, we treat such symptoms with the aim of alleviating them as much as possible . In addition, various thoughts may occur due to illness, causing anxiety and distress. At the same time as symptomatology relief, we have placed great importance on helping patients "live their own lives ." We strive to provide hospice care while being close to the feelings of patients and their families so that they can share and relieve their feelings as much as possible .
1-10-13 Nagakubo, Asaka-machi, Koriyama-shi, Fukushima 963-0197, Japan
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Dr. Nobuatsu Koyama, MD, PhD

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