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Alliance Pour Les Soins Palliatifs au Senegal (ASPASEN).

THE ALLIANCE FOR PALLIATIVE CARE IN SENEGAL (ASPASEN) is a non-profit association created on January 04, 2020 which brings together natural and legal persons, having adhered to the statutes and internal regulations, who wish to contribute to the development of palliative care in Senegal. Mission: 1. Support patients and their entourage by providing free palliative care at home. 2. Strengthen the capacities of care providers (carers and caregivers). 3. Build a network of partners on a national and international level. 4. Promote the culture of palliative care. 5. Create a hospice, reception and care space in the Dakar region.
156B Liberté 6 Extension, Dakar, Senegal
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Rokhaya THIAM

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