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Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Vratsa

The Comprehensive Cancer Centre – Vratsa (CCC - Vratsa) is the successor of the Inter-regional Cancer Dispensary. Vratsa is an inpatient hospital part that consists of : Surgical sector – surgery, urology, gynecology and ICU; Therapeutic sector – departments of medical oncology, radiotherapy , gastroenterology and palliative care; Day center and Diagnostic sector – visual diagnostics department, nuclear medicine, clinical pathology, clinical laboratory and statistics unit - Regional cancer register. The CCC – Vratsa has 156 hospital beds. The palliative care department has 13 beds and in each of the other therapeutic departments at least two beds may be used in the case of palliative needs. The outpatient consulting unit is structured by consulting cabinets – surgery, urology, gynecology, medical oncology, radiotherapy, gastroenterology, palliative care and cancer pain. Psychological and social support as well as support and rehabilitation for patients and families and bereavement support are carried out in “Centre for rehabilitation and support of cancer patients and their families”.
Boulevard "Vtori Juni" # 68 Vratsa 3000,Bulgaria
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Dr Zhulieta Tsolova MD, Director

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