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Course affiliated with (name of Organization/University) Comboni College of Science and Technology
Country Sudan
State Khartoum
City Khartoum
Address Gasr Avenue ,Khartoum, Sudan
  • Certificate
  • Basic Palliative Care
  • Communication
  • Opioid Availability/Accessibility
  • Pain management
  • Palliative Care
  • Pediatric palliative care
  • Spirituality
  • Symptom management
  • Team work
  • Arabic
  • English
Frequency More than once per year
Length 6 weeks
  • Classroom
  • Hands-on Training
Cost of full tuition and fees Same rate/cost for all
Director Dr. Nahla Gafer
Contact name Dr. Nahla Gafer
Learning objectives 1 Provide basic knowledge and skills to health professionals who work in daily practice with patients with palliative care needs.
The course details include:
- Introduction to palliative care: WHO definition, Principles of PC, History of PC, Models of Service, Team work
- The Holistic Approach: Psychological issues, Social distress, Spirituality and Spiritual suffering, Sexual issues in PC
- Pain Assessment: concept/definition, physiology, impact on patients lives, PQRST and other tools, scoring systems, causes of pain, different types of pain
- Pain Management: WHO step ladder and drugs, four principles of pain treatment, non-pharmacological management, opioids: prescription, titration, rotation, .. etc, case scenarios.
- Symptom Management: CNS, Respiratory GIT, Urinary, Bleeding, Immobility disorders, skin disorders, wound and stoma care, vaginal discharge
- Communication skills: definition, importance of good communication, what are the good communication skills, some complicated situations needing advanced skills
- Breaking Bad News: what are the bad news, examples of bad news, SPIKES protocol, role plays.
- Ethical Issues in Palliative Care: the four pillars of medical ethics, case scenarios, ethos driving the work
- End of Life Care
- Paediatric PC (including paediatric pain management)
- Practical work: patient clerking, and management
Learning objectives 2 - Build the capacity at Comboni College in the field of palliative care / nursing / medical studies, for its future development into a university. One of the near future plans is to have a Post-Graduate Diploma in Palliative Care.
- Compensate those involved in palliative care service provision (which for a large part is voluntarily) by giving them opportunities to teach and get payment for teaching palliative care, especially if they made sacrifices and attended courses overseas.
Learning objectives 3 Promoting the movement of palliative care in different hospitals, by training staff from a broad variety of backgrounds and places of work. Increasing the understanding of what palliative care is, and makes it easier to have the patients referred to the services needed. Forming a group of health professionals interested to pursue further studies or do research in palliative care.
Description This is a 6 weeks, part-time course. Held continuously throughout the year. The course is run every Saturday (which is holiday): 4 hours of interactive sessions for 6 weeks. During the week participants are invited to see patients at the palliative care units in the hospitals, clerk them using HAU modified clerking patients chart, assess their pain and other symptoms, practice breaking bad news, and other communication skills. Doctors (with different levels of qualifications and specializations), nurses, psychologists, pharmacists and others are welcome.
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