Donate vehicle


Donation of your vehicle to IAHPC

IAHPC accepts donations of all motor vehicles through CARS, which specializes in providing this service to charities. 

Facts about Vehicle Donation

Donating your Vehicle F.A.Q.'s

When Should I Donate?

Donate when your vehicle needs repairs that cost more than the vehicle is worth.

Donate when it is easier to donate rather than sell it yourself.

Donate when the dealer gives a low trade-in offer.

When I donate my vehicle, is there a towing cost?

There is no cost to you for towing. You will be contacted to establish a mutually agreed time for pick-up.

Will you pick up a vehicle anywhere in the United States?

Yes, service is available in all 50 states.

What types of vehicles are accepted?

CARS accepts all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, RV's, sports utilities, motor homes, airplanes, farm equipment, construction equipment, etc.

To donate your vehicle, visit the CARS page for IAHPC