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Donation of your vehicle to IAHPC

IAHPC accepts donations of all motor vehicles through V-DAC, which specializes in providing this service to charities. V-DAC service is free and includes convenient pick-up of your car, truck, RV, sports utility, motor home, airplane, farm equipment, construction equipment, etc. anywhere in the U.S.A.

All donations are tax deductible. Donate by December 31 st, if you want to get the deduction for this tax year.

Facts about Vehicle Donation

Donating your Vehicle F.A.Q.'s

When Should I Donate?

Donate when your vehicle needs repairs that cost more than the vehicle is worth.

A 5 to 12 year old vehicle that has a good body but needs mechanical repairs can be a valuable donation. An individual might not be able to sell a vehicle with mechanical problems but these vehicles sell well at our wholesale auctions.

NOTE: A vehicle that is older than 12 years old, even in excellent condition, and a newer vehicle in poor body condition may not generate anything to the designated charity.

Donate when it is easier to donate rather than sell it yourself.

Is your vehicle sellable in the shape it's in? Newer vehicles that have mechanical problems, particularly if not running, may sell for more at wholesale auction than a donor could get selling it himself. The mechanics that buy these vehicles can repair them much cheaper than the average donor.

Donate when the dealer gives a low trade-in offer.

Some dealers offer next to nothing for vehicles that have major mechanical problem. If less than 10 years old with good bodies these may still yield excellent results at wholesale auction, resulting in an above average donation yield.

When I donate my vehicle, is there a towing cost?

There is no cost to you (or IAHPC) for towing or any other charges. You will be contacted to establish a mutually agreed upon time for pick-up.

Will you pick up a vehicle anywhere in the United States?

Yes, service is available in all 50 states.

What types of vehicles are accepted?

The V-DAC Program accepts all types of vehicles. We handle cars, trucks, RV's, sports utilities, motor homes, airplanes, farm equipment, construction equipment, etc.

For more information, please contact IAHPC at [email protected]