Liliana De Lima

Executive Director

Liliana De Lima, MHA

As the IAHPC Executive Director, the goal of Liliana’s work is to implement the steps needed to achieve the organization’s mission. This entails building a strong person-centered and empowering network by fostering communities of practice as well as supporting behavior change to increase demand for palliative care, so that it becomes available to all those who need it.

In her capacity as the Executive Director, Liliana is responsible for implementing the IAHPC’s strategic plan by overseeing and supporting the officers and staff members in their tasks and roles, coordinating staff meetings, and reporting to the Board of Directors. She is also responsible for identifying potential funders, developing grant applications and reports and establishing priorities for operational activities possible with the available resources. Overall, she is responsible for upholding the IAHPC values of commitment, excellence, efficiency, creativity, compassion, respect and service to others.

Liliana joined the IAHPC in 1999, as the first and only employee at that time. Under her leadership, the IAHPC has grown substantially and is now recognized as a leading global organization in the field. Liliana helped build and nurture strong relationships with UN multilateral organizations, and with other regional and national associations. She developed strong relationships with the Chair persons and board members, and successfully administered and secured financial resources to implement the previous and current Strategic Plans.

Liliana has a background in clinical psychology with a postgraduate degree in healthcare administration. She completed a fellowship in Pain and Policy Studies.

Liliana enjoys reading and taking walking tours in the countryside with her husband and spending time with their children and grandchildren.

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