Julia Libreros

Coordinator Directory Services

Julia Libreros, APT

Julia Libreros holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Gerontology and an Associate Degree in Physical Therapy. Throughout her professional career, Julia has been involved in palliative care. In Colombia, her country of birth, she worked as the Coordinator of In-House Services in the Hospice La Viga in Cali, and in her work as a Gerontologist and Physical Therapist she was involved in rehabilitation and improvement of quality of life of patients with advanced chronic conditions.

Two decades ago, Julia moved to Houston, Texas, in the US, where she began her longtime association with IAHPC, working initially as a volunteer. In 2014, she was appointed as Coordinator of Services for the International Directories on the IAHPC Website. The Global Directory of Palliative Care Services, Hospices and Organizations, which Julia keeps regularly updated, includes more than a thousand entries for palliative care services, hospices and organizations in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe Middle East and Oceania.

Outside of palliative care, Julia enjoys the practice of Yoga and the study of Mandalas, ’meeting people’, music and cinema.

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