Genevieve Napier

Senior Operations Officer

Genevieve Napier

The goal of Genevieve’s work as Senior Operations Officer is to assist the Executive Director and other members of the IAHPC team in developing and implementing strategies to grow membership and membership engagement, strengthen the education and skills of our members, and support advocacy to increase access to palliative care.

“Gena” helps to design new programs and projects to meet IAHPC members’ needs. This includes but is not limited to evaluating IAHPC’s existing programs to ensure that they run smoothly and meet expectations. She is responsible for are the Scholarship Program, Members’ Recognition Awards, and the Membership benefits, among other programs. Gena collaborates with other members of the IAHPC team to develop communication strategies and newsletter content. Our communications platform serves to educate members and the general public about IAHPC resources, tools and programs that benefit the global palliative care community.

Gena joined the IAHPC in 2015 as Manager of Programs and Projects and was promoted to Programs Officer in 2017. Her role has continued to expand to her current position is Senior Operations Officer.

Gena served for 14 years as the Director of Continuing Medical Education at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago before joining IAHPC. Her areas of expertise include implementing systems and processes to demonstrate compliance with national accreditation standards and guidelines, creating strategic initiatives, and collaborating with the content experts to develop educational programs for local and national audiences. She has served on the Baylor College of Medicine’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee since 2020.

Gena received her Bachelor of Science degree from Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas in the US.

She lives in Houston and enjoys volunteering at various local activities such as the Houston Food Bank and local animal adoption / rescue organizations, as well as spending time with her rescue dog.

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