Eve Namisango

Eve Namisango

Eve Namisango is Research Manager at the African Palliative Care Association and a BUILDcare PhD Fellow, at Cicely Saunders Institute King’s College London. Eve also coordinates the 170-member African Palliative Care Research Network and teaches Research Methodology at the Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care in Uganda. She played a central role in developing the APCA Atlas for Palliative Care. The atlas describes the current state of palliative care development in Africa according to the WHO’s Public Health Strategy for integrating Palliative care: policies, availability and access to medicines, education, and service provision. More so, it is based on indicators that are aligned to regional health systems making it feasible to compare development across countries in the region. She also pioneered the and rolling out the use of mobileapp based digital health to strengthen pharmaceutical systems in palliative care in Africa and on the technical working group for the team bench -marking and laying a foundation for integrating palliative care in catholic faith based health facilities in Uganda . Eve has published extensively, and her main research interests include; outcome measurement, psychometrics, death and dying, pediatric palliative care, symptomatology, health economics, end of life care, health systems research, digital health, knowledge management and translation.

Eve won the Sir Halley Stewart scholarship to pursue a masters degree in Palliative Care Policy and Rehabilitation, at Cicely Saunders Institute, King’s College London and later the BUILDCare fellowship to pursue a PhD in the same discipline and at the same Institute. Eve is also recently won the HIV Research Trust scholarship to develop a knowledge translation piece for the novel Children’s Palliative Care Outcome Scale in sub-Saharan Africa. She looks at this as opportunity to use innovation and creativity both in terms of language, techniques and tailored communication strategies to give children a voice in care.

Eve joined the IAPHC board in February in 2019, looks forward to supporting advocacy, growing the membership base, by bringing on board more members from resource limited settings, fundraising, as well as increasing access to and use of existing evidence to inform policy, care and decision making.

Outside work, Eve enjoys service user and public engagement discussions, playing Volleyball and Lawn Tennis, meditation, yoga, art, theatre and culture.

Eve Namisango served on the IAHPC board until December 31st 2022.