Debra Pledger-Fonte

Membership Benefits Coordinator

Debra Pledger-Fonte

The goal of Debra’s work as IAHPC Membership Benefits Coordinator is implementing the tasks and activities related to membership benefits and responsibilities. Debra collaborates with the Executive Director to assist members who have been selected as grantees to ensure timely delivery of reports. She prepares and maintains reports on member participation and engagement in projects and programs. Debra joined IAHPC in June 2022.

Debra’s previous experience with hospice and palliative care started in 2007 when she began working at the Institute for Palliative Medicine at San Diego Hospice. She provided administrative support for research and grants as well as worked in the international arena while being the program coordinator for the International Leadership Development Initiative through both San Diego Hospice and Ohio Health.

Debra is currently studying Kinesiology. Once she has completed her associates degree, she and will transfer to San Diego State University to complete her bachelor’s in Kinesiology and qualify as a Fitness Instructor. She plans to use her degree to work with women caregivers of hospice patients as well as older women. She enjoys being physically active throughout the year thanks to the wonderful weather in San Diego, California.

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