Danilo Fritzler

IAHPC Webmaster

Danilo Fritzler

As the IAHPC Webmaster, the goal of Danilo’s work is to strengthen access to information, and global knowledge around palliative care to inform programming and strengthen palliative care messaging, information, and communication to inspire global change to achieve IAHPC’S vision of a world free of health-related suffering. As the IAHPC is an organization which relies on information technology, Danilo’s role is critical to ensure the organization’s performance and ability to deliver the projected outputs.

In his current role, Danilo updates the website and all the relevant forms and pages to enable users to, among others, apply for grants, provide donations, participate in research activities and join as members. In addition to the resources that are publicly available, he also develops the tools to facilitate administrative tasks, such as the membership management and engagement tool and maintaining the subscription lists for dissemination of information. He works closely with the IAHPC Newsletter Senior Editor to publishes and disseminates the IAHPC monthly newsletter and with the Senior Operations Officer to publish special announcements. He also works closely with the Executive Director in publishing fundraising campaigns and special projects, such as the Global Palliative Care Database.

Danilo joined the IAHPC in 2011 as the IAHPC Webmaster. Although his title has not changed, the IAHPC website has grown significantly over the past 10 years and he is now responsible for a much complex and comprehensive resource.

Danilo holds a Computer Systems Engineering degree the Universidad Abierta Interamericana, and an Advanced Technical Systems Analyst degree in Instituto Superior de Formación Técnica N° 38.

Danilo is a Christ follower, husband of Daniela and father of Jana. He lives in Villa General Savio, Argentina.

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