IAHPC Gift and Donations Policy


This policy serves as a guideline for the IAHPC staff and board members who assist in the gift planning and solicitation process, and for prospective donors who wish to make gifts to IAHPC of in the form of unrestricted funds, restricted grants, cash, donations of non-cash assets, bequests, devises, trusts and endowment funds, or any other form of gift (hereinafter referred to as “gifts”).

The goal of this policy is to encourage giving to IAHPC without encumbering IAHPC with gifts that are too difficult or too expensive to administer or that may generate conflict of interest.  The goal is also to avoid gifts that the donor restricts in a manner inconsistent with the goals of IAHPC as stipulated in the mission and vision statements.

To facilitate the receipts of gifts, IAHPC must be capable of responding in a timely fashion and in the affirmative where possible to all gifts offered by prospective donors. Unless stated otherwise, this policy applies to all gifts.

IAHPC solicits and accepts gifts that are consistent with its mission and that support its core programs, as well as special projects. IAHPC is entitled to fundraise in the USA and abroad and receive gifts from foreign individuals, governments, organizations, and other sources, so long as the activities do not involve explicitly banned sources. The IAHPC does not accept gifts from pharmaceutical companies that manufacture, market, distribute or sell products that may generate a conflict of interest to the organization or its representatives.


  1. The following persons have the authority to solicit and/or accept gifts on behalf of IAHPC: The Chairperson, any Board member, the Executive Director, and any staff person.
  2. The IAHPC does not and will not provide any benefits, goods or services in return for gifts to the organization. 
  3. The Executive Director will rely, as needed, on the recommendation of the Executive Committee of IAHPC as whether the organization should accept proposed gifts. 
  4. The Executive Committee may consider each gift according to its intended use, restrictions, liabilities, and financial impact on IAHPC, now and in the future. Only gifts that are designated for the use of IAHPC consistent with the stated vision and mission of the organization will be considered for acceptance. The IAHPC does not receive gifts from the pharmaceutical industry.
  5. The Executive Director will refer to the Executive Committee, before acceptance, gifts that are given with unusual restrictions or designations, have the potential of jeopardizing the tax-exempt status, or violating IAHPC policies, local, state or federal laws.
  6. IAHPC will seek the advice of legal counsel in matters relating to the acceptance of gifts as appropriate. 

Types of Gifts


Checks shall be made payable to IAHPC, unless otherwise specified. In no event shall a check be made payable to an individual who represents IAHPC.

Publicly Traded Securities

Closely Held Securities 

Life Insurance

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Tangible Personal Property

Planned Gifts and Memorials

Administrative Issues

This Policy will be revised and approved annually by the IAHPC Board of Directors.